Response to Quartz' Article on Multitasking with Audio

Source material

Quartz published an article on March 31st, 2017 that made my skin crawl the first time I read it. I had previously started listening to audiobooks in the same manner described in the article - 3x speed and with Overcast. It changed my life for the better, here’s why.

My Take

I have uncontrollable thoughts being broadcast through my cerebral cortex at all hours of the day, sometimes 4 at a time. The DSM-5 would call it ADHD. I call it an opinionated belligerent drunk skull made. We have fun.

If 16 years of Catholic schooling didn’t ruin organized religion for me, my nighttime prayers might go something like this: “Thank you, the Internet. Thank you, rdio. Thank you, Podcasts. Thank you, Audiobooks.”

I’ve spent my life with my own chatterbox voices in my head and now I can somewhat control the content of that conversation. My media consumption didn’t lead to the downfall of my attention span, it was just never there in the first place. Listening to a guided, thoughtful conversation is a mechanism that allows my mind to focus on something that isn’t the all-encompassing weight of existence.

All that said, I do appreciate a quiet moment with no audio, chirping birds, smelling a gust of wind and all that jazz. Those things just don’t happen in a city. In the city, I need my ear shields.